Circle of Bards in the Kingdom of Caid

The Penbard is .

The Deputy Penbard or Harskald is .

The Collegium Caidis Music, Bardic, Performing Arts Regent is .

The Circle of Bards Online:
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Bardic Circles: All are welcome, poets - singers- tellers of tales... Bardic Circles are often organized at individual events, Many Local Groups hold regular Bardic Circles. Contact , or .

Musical Groups:

  1. The Phoenix Players: Kingdom Group of individuals who gather occasionally to play period music.
  2. The Phoenix Singers: Kingdom Group of individuals who gather occasionally to sing period music.
  3. Darach Madrigali: Madrigal Singing Group: Master Sean Vuibhearn
  4. LyonSong: Period Music Choral group in Lyondemere, Contact: Baroness Eden McNab Sommerhawke.

Word-Fame is the Kingdom Newsletter for the Circle of Bards. Contact for more information.

The Chronicles of Crown Tourneys is the bi-annual collection of poems written by poets throughout the Kingdom in honor of those who have fought in Crown Tourney. New Poets always encouraged! For more information please contact .

Publications and Sales are overseen by

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